Building Confidence in Risk Assessment and Governance of Nanomaterial Innovation – CaLIBRAte Final Conference

Following the conference “New tools and approaches for nanomaterials safety assessment” in February 2017, The NanoSafety Cluster is pleased to announce 4 days dedicated to “Building confidence in risk assessment and governance of Nanomaterials Innovation” in Copenhagen, October 2019.

The 4-day event kicks off with the caLIBRAte final workshop focused on current knowledge and future outlook on stakeholder risk perception and information needs and nanosafety data availability. caLIBRAte also presents nano-specific human and environmental risk assessment and management tools tested in the project, plus the decision support tool developed, the NanoRisk Governance Portal.

Please find October 7th agenda below

Introduction to the caLIBRAte project

  • The caLIBRAte project and main objectives – coordinator Keld Alstrup Jensen, NRCWE (DK) | View slides

Understanding stakeholders nanotechnology knowledge, needs and concerns

  • Introduction – Andrea Porcari, AIRI (IT) & Christina Benighaus, DIALOGIK (DE) | View slides
  • Multimethod stakeholder assessment of views and perspectives on nano-riskgovernance – Christina Benighaus, DIALOGIK (DE) | View slides
  • Views and needs for risk assessment and nano-risk governance in research and industry organizations – Pete Kines, NRCWE (DK) | View slides

Identification of candidate tools that align with stakeholders’ needs and prospective methods

  • Selection of human risk assessment tool candidates aligned with stakeholder needs – Wouter Fransman, TNO (NL) | View slides
  • Prospective alternative methods to support HRA and decision support – Penny Nymark, KI (SV) | View slides
  • Selection of environmental risk assessment tool candidates aligned with stakeholder needs – Sara Nørgaard, DTU (DK) | View slides
  • Prospective alternative method candidates for ERA and decision support – Michael Burkard, EAWAG (CH) | View slides

Building the calibrate database for model development and tool testing

Part 1: Exposure and release data

  • Identification and evaluation of human exposure and environmental release measurement data fit for testing exposure assesment models – Socorro Vázquez Campos, LEITAT (ES) | View slides
  • New state-of-the-art value chain exposure and environmental release case studies – Ana Sofia Fonseca, NRCWE (DK) | View slides

Part 2: Physicochemical and toxicological data and their application

  • Identification and evaluation of physicochemical and toxicological data fit for testing hazard assesment models – Martine Bakker, RIVM (NL) | View slides
  • New hazard studies testing the effect of porosity and coating on nano material toxicity – Niels Hadrup, NRCWE (DK) | View slides
  • Developments towards use of omics and adverse outcome pathways – ready for risk assessment? – Dario Greco, UH (FI) | View slides
  • Developments towards high-throughput screening methods – ready for risk assessment? – Roland Grafström, KI/Misvik (SV) | View slides

Tool testing, refinement and performance testing

  • Testing and selection of human risk assessment models for the nano-riskgovernance framework – Miikka Dal Maso, TUT (FI) | View slides
  • Testing and selection of environmental risk assessment models for the nano-risk governance framework – Anders Baun, DTU (DK) | View slides

The caLIBRAte nano-risk governance framework, portal and future steps

  • Introduction – Aleksandar Jovanovic, R-Tech (DE) & Keld Alstrup Jensen,NRCWE (DK) | View slides
  • The final Nano-Risk (Innovation) Governance Framework and Guidance – Keld Alstrup Jensen, NRCWE (DK) | View slides
  • Introduction to the caLIBRAte Nano-Risk Governance Portal 1.0beta– Somik Chakravarty, R-Tech (DE) | View slides
  • From caLIBRAte and onwards from the perspectives of H2020 research program – Project Officer Carlos-Eduardo Lima-Da-Cunha, European Commission | View slides

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement 686239

Affiliate links: CaLIBRAte Nano Risk Governance  | NanoSafety Cluster